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What Vacation Group do You Fall Into?

Kids playing on water trampoline

It happened again the other day.  A guest came in and said, “I shouldn’t be this tired.  I’m on vacation.  But it’s the good tired, you know, from being outside and active all day.”

Yes, we know. People vacation at Timber Wolf Lodge for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few that we see consistently.  Do you recognize yourself? Or, do you fit into a different category?

The Active Vacation

Many of our guests come to Ely and Bear Island Lake to get the absolute most out of every minute of the day.  These guests head out in one of our boats for the early morning walleye bite, or jog down our road before the sun is fully above the horizon.  They dash back to the cabin for a quick breakfast and then are off for the local stores or to search out one of the many trails in the area.  They come back to cook around the campfire, go for another walk around dusk and then enjoy the stars late into the night.  This group falls into their bed each night, knowing they’ve earned their sleep.

The Recharge

Cabin bedAnother group of guests come to unplug from their fast-paced lives full of commitments, meetings and e-mails.  They enjoy waking up slowly with a morning cup of coffee on the deck of their cabin.   That’s followed by a leisurely stroll around the grounds.  Then maybe a morning nap, a little quiet time with a book or even dealing with the few things they can’t get away from entirely.  The kids are escorted down to the beach to play on the water trampoline or just dig in the sand.  The parents watch, but it’s almost like some can sleep with an eye open.

At some point though, usually a few days into the stay, we can almost see the energy level pick up.  They still sleep in, but then it’s a quick cup of coffee and out into a kayak with the kids or grandkids.  A rainy afternoon provides an excuse for a nap, but when the sun comes out so do they.  It’s always great to see them as they head out the drive, fully charged and ready to go.

The Destination

Ely, Minnesota is known worldwide as a travel destination.  People come to experience the 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, visit the International Wolf Center, the North American Bear Center and so much more.  They love to go into the shops and restaurants run by long-time area families and by new transplants who want to live in the north woods.  Our guests know that people in town are happy to see them and want to make sure they have the trip of a lifetime.  We enjoy “destination” guests because we know they are up to explore the nooks and crannies of the area that others might miss.

The Family

Man CaveMom, dad, grandparents, cousins, uncles, all packed under one roof…or maybe a couple.  The kids sneak out to play at the beach and swim.  The adults start the never-ending card game.  And, the teens try to connect to their devices, but keep getting pulled into the activities.  We love to smell the food coming out of these gatherings, and we’re confident no one is going hungry.   Family groups always use our boats, but we often wonder if there is any actual fishing going on.  We suspect it may be a few people finding a quiet spot, maybe even catching a nap on the water.

Whatever group you belong to, we look forward to seeing you this summer and making your vacation memories with you.

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