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Fishing with the Family: Teaching Your Children to Fish

boy fishing

Kids and adults often view vacation time very differently. Whereas you can’t find enough time for resting, relaxing and reflecting, your kids will want to race from one activity to the next, while hardly taking a moment to breathe. But there is a solution to this seeming impasse: Fishing satisfies your kids need for entertainment, while allowing you to spend some time looking at the water with your feet up. And Bear Island Lake provides a wonderful location to do exactly this.

But if you want your kids to remain engaged and excited about fishing, you’ll need to ensure they actually catch fish. Most kids will grow bored staring at a float bobbing up and down in the water, while not getting any bites. To help improve your child’s chances of catching fish, be sure to provide them with size- and age-appropriate equipment and tackle.

This means providing them with a 4- to 6-foot-long spinning rod and a spinning or spin-casting reel (cane poles are another great option, particularly for the youngest anglers). And instead of trying to teach your kids to use an artificial lure, simply set them up with a worm- or leech-baited hook. This will not only help attract more bites, it will lead to fewer snagged lines.

With the right equipment and a healthy dose of patience, you can give your kids a great chance at catching fish and having a blast. If you’d like to learn more about teaching your kids to fish, check out Outdoor Empire’s thorough review of the subject.

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