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Prospector ATV Loop Moving Forward

An exciting new trail is being developed in our area that guest might be interested in.  The Prospector ATV Loop is being developed by ATV enthusiasts in the area to link several communities and offer more recreational options to area visitors.

The trail will ultimately stretch 130 miles and link Ely, Babbitt, Embarrass and Tower as well as Bear Head Lake and Vermilion State Parks.  The trail will make use of some existing snowmobile trails as well as planned new additions.  It will tie into the regional ATV trail to connect with the North Shore and other area destinations.  It may soon look like winter snowmobile options that allow a person to travel all across northern Minnesota through an entire network of trails.

Increasing Opportunities

The trail development will open areas that not many people get to regularly, at least in the summer.  Many of our guests only have a chance to see the landscape from their car, or one of out boats.  These trails will let people see even more of the diverse topography, forests and lakes. Though the trails won’t be that far from other developments, the sense of remoteness sets in very quickly in this area.

ATV Side by side

People who think of 3 wheelers when they hear the term ATV may not even recognize what people are riding on and in these days.  Gone are the days of unstable and unsafe toys.  Today’s ATV’s are bigger, more comfortable and many can set two or more people comfortably.

ATV Four Wheeler

We’ll keep you posted as this continues to move forward.

We are also kept warm by the memories of last summer and looking forward to 2018.  Warm weather, open water and sharing this place we love with guests from around the world.

Located on Bear Island LakeTimber Wolf Lodge is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in the Ely, Minnesota area.  We feature cabins and a Good Sam certified RV campground.


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