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No Boredom Here

“Is Being Bored the Next Travel Trend for Millennials?”  With a headline like that and being a place that prides itself in offering plenty for our guests to do, it was impossible not to clink on the link.  We can save you the time.  It appears that people are rediscovering the power and enjoyment of turning off electronics and focusing on the people and things at hand.  They call it boredom, we call it vacation.

No boredom in the cabin

In the Cabin

We encourage people to put their electronics away.  Vacation isn’t the time to reply to an e-mail from work, or surf Facebook non-stop.  It’s tough, but we find that people who are willing to set electronics down, pick up a book or deck of cards, report enjoying their stay more.  Even better, have a conversation over a cup of coffee or your favorite drink.  We so rarely have uninterrupted time to talk with people we care about these days.  Our cabins, or the attached decks, are the perfect place to pass time engrossed in a good discussion.

On the Shore

When was the last time you just sat by a lake and just looked out over the water?  A waste of time?  Absolutely not.  Our minds quiet when we sit in reflection in nature.  Have you ever watched an angler–young or old–cast again and again in the same spot along the shoreline?  Do you think it’s the hope of catching fish, or the sheer joy of doing something they love in a quiet place that keeps them at it?  When you are by the water, life is good.  Get hot? Jump in the lake.  Get thirsty, grab something out of the cooler.  Get tired? Doze in the sun. (Don’t forget the sunblock.)

No boredom at the lake

On the Water

Bear Island Lake offers 2,351 acres to explore.  Not going to find boredom out there.  But, you will find quiet, clean water, and numerous nooks and crannies to explore.  Need a purpose?  See if you can find every one of the lake’s 23 islands.  Need an excuse? Take your fishing rod and a little bait to go look for a new fishing spot.  If you’ve never had the chance to spend a day chatting with an old friend in a boat on the water, it’s time to make it happen.

No boredom on the water

Boredom, No, Connected, Yes.

We get that some marketing executive wants to sell people on the idea that boredom is the new “thing”.  Those of us who have had any chance to spend time in a cabin or camper on a lake in northern Minnesota, know what they are really trying to sell; a return to simpler, more connected times, when things moved more slowly and the only tweets we heard were from the birds.

We’d love to help you slow down, disconnect from electronics, and reconnect with one another.

Located on Bear Island LakeTimber Wolf Lodge is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in the Ely, Minnesota area.  We feature cabins and a Good Sam certified RV campground.

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