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Memories: Past and Future

Why do people come to Timber Wolf Lodge?  Why do they pack up the car, head north and spend a few days or a week, or even the whole summer?  We’ve heard hundreds of reasons over the years, but it always comes back to one word:  memories.

People often talk about the memories they have from going to the cabin at the lake when they were a kid.  they talk about the freedom, the adventure, the sense of exploration.  They recall with vivid detail digging in the sand, the sunburns and jumping in a cold lake.  They smile broadly, even when they talk about getting in trouble for doing things they shouldn’t have done.

boy fishing

We can almost see them transported back in time, experiencing the childhood moment so many years ago.  We love that our guests share their memories with us.  It takes us back to, to our own formative years in the woods and on the water.  Spending time with family at the cabin, whether we wanted to or not, had such an impact on who we all grew up to be.

Parents bring their families here to create memories for their kids that will last a lifetime.  They know, that in this fast-paced, connected world it is difficult to be lost in a moment.  They want their kids to look back on times at Timber Wolf Lodge and know that there are things that matter more than “likes” on social media.

Grandparents bring their families here because they know.  They know that time with children is fleeting.  That kids grow up in the blink of an eye, and that unless you make time to be together and slow down, those chances will slip away.  They want to share the joy of discovery they remember from their own and their kids lives.

Memories on the lake

And, no matter what brought people to Timber Wolf Lodge, there is something about being next to the water at sunrise or sunset.  A quiet, that encourages reflection.  We see it all the time, a guest with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, sitting on their deck and looking out at the water.  They have a distant look in their eyes, like a soundtrack is playing only for them, and they are lost in a memory of a time past.

We’d love to see you this summer and help you make new memories of their own.

Located on Bear Island LakeTimber Wolf Lodge is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in the Ely, Minnesota area.  We feature cabins and a Good Sam certified RV campground.

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