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80 Years…And the Memories are the Same

1937 Ford Woody Wagon

1937 Ford Woody Wagon Photo:

We are celebrating our 80th year of bringing visitors to the shores of Bear Island Lake near Ely, Minnesota.  We feel so fortunate to share this anniversary year with you, and even though we know that a lot has changed since the resort opened in 1937, the essence of a visit to Timber Wolf Lodge, and the types of memories made here today remain much the same.

In today’s fast-paced world and constant connectivity, it is difficult to find quiet time to reflect and recharge.  Our cabins, with the water and the woods surrounding them provide that chance.  Hole up in the cabin with a book on a rainy day, paddle or motor to a secluded bay to cast for pike, or hike one of the local trails.  This is a place to turn off the electronics, tune into the quiet, and recharge your own batteries for awhile.  If you are looking for quiet here, you can find it. A little secret: Though we have cell coverage here, we are far enough away that your boss will believe you if you say that we don’t.

We love to see families of all ages enjoying Timber Wolf Lodge.  Whether it’s little kids laughing and playing at the beach, or adult fathers and sons heading out at sunrise to catch some walleye, we know that memories of shared adventure will last a lifetime.  In the past few years, with electronics becoming more common, we hear again and again, how much people enjoy getting away to the north woods and cutting the cord.  We’ve heard more than once that a family’s time here is the most they’ve talked and shared time together in years.

Pranks, shenanigans and a load of fish stories; when friends reconnect here, it’s like they’ve never been apart.  The activities don’t matter–a fishing weekend, a wedding or baby shower, scrapbooking, quilting or poker–what matters is the camaraderie friends share when they can get away together. We’ve had friends coming here annually for as long as we can remember, and we’ve seen groups on once in a lifetime trips, and the experiences they share are at once unique and similar.

Friends enjoying a campfire

Activities haven’t really changed that much in the 80 years we’ve been open.  Sure, the boats have bigger motors, we have stand up paddle boards and the beds are more comfortable.  But, there truly is something about being at the lake, surrounded by trees and basking under the sun that is timeless.  People spending time together, leaving their troubles in the city and enjoying one another’s company is just plain fun.  It may take a day or two, but when people are here they relax, they let their guard down, they allow themselves to have fun.

Timber Wolf Lodge is located on the shore of Bear Island Lake near Ely Minnesota.  We offer RV camping on a seasonal basis and cabins for groups of all sizes.  To learn more visit us at

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